Amazon Store Card Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Amazon Store Card Login:

1. Visit Amazon Store Card Login page at URL: 
2. Enter In Your Username in the text field on the left hand side column.
NOTE: Amazon makes the user enter in their username and password in two separate places which may be confusing, but its done to protect your account security.
3. Determine if you would like the site to remember you when you visit it again. If you would like the site to remember your username then check the box in front of remember me. Afterwards click secure login. If you do not want the site to remember you then ignore the check box and just click secure login.
4. Enter your Password in the text field.
5. Click Login to access your account.

First Time User Guide:

1. Visit Amazon Store Card Login page by open your internet browser to the url:  2. Click Register Here Link
After accessing the link in step one a new page will pop up. Below the secure login button there will be a link that say
3. Click on the words Register Here. This will open a new page.
4. Begin Registration
5. Enter your account number.
6. Click continue.
7. You will then be asked questions to validate your identity. After the validation process you will be able to set security measures for your account.
8. After that is done you will select a picture.  This picture will show up during the login process to verify you are logged into the right account.
9. You will then review the information you entered confirm it is right and
10. Click done. You will now be registered.


Many people may forget their login information. This step by guide will help you retrieve your Username.
Amazon Store Card Login Open your browser to the url:
2. Find Your Username
3. After accessing the webpage you will see a couple of links next to the user id text box. To retrieve your user id click the words Lookup my User ID. A new page will open.
4. Enter your Information, After clicking the link you will be asked for your account number and the last four digits of your social security number. Please be advised that you will not be able to complete this without your account number and social security number.
5. Click next and follow the directions to retrieve your user id.

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